Special offers

We would like to introduce a special offer to our clients, designed for those who look for well-planned and extraordinary forms of recreation.

Rigid itinerary of package tours, the must to follow the guide and the need to stick to a strict agenda do not necessary define a successful trip. The possibility of exploring the places we have always dreamed of, guarantee of unforgettable experience and an individually designed itinerary – these are the factors that define a perfect trip.

You start from the choice of continent, we follow your preferences of spending time, together we define the scope of our support, and finally we plan and organize your voyage.

In collaboration with TravelMe, whose team supports fulfillment of your dreams, your journey will be tailor-made.

For those who require support in exceptional circumstances, we have prepared a one-time service, which is available for everyone, without any need to conclude a long-term contract.

Please, submit your requests from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM calling us at +48 570 300 998 or anytime via our contact form.